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The year is 2039. You’re heading to work in your self-driving electric car which brews you a nice hot cup of coffee on the road (I prefer an icy cool breakfast Coke Zero, but whatever; it’s your life). You turn to your robot Carl (I don’t know why you decided to name your robot Carl, but whatever; it’s your robot) and ask about your schedule for the day.

Shoot! You have a meeting at 2PM.

“Carl, will you pick up the grandkids from school again?” you say, with the sneaking suspicion that he might be evil. Despite having owned him for 5 years, this whole “trusting robots” thing is still weird for you. Carl jokes that he can’t say no; you’re his master after all. Robot humor… Heh. Still needs work. Hope you get to the office soon. This car ride is getting awkward.

Carl is looking at you weird. Man, cameras for eyes was a creepy design idea. You wonder why they didn’t make robots look like cute little dogs—or pandas—anything other than a camera-eyed skeleton.

Oh good, you’ve arrived. You exit the car and Carl gives you a weird half-smile as the car pulls itself out of the parking lot. He’s definitely evil. You walk up to the office door and wait for the system to perform the handprint and retina scan. Those fob keys from 20 years ago were way faster. You only work for a drone delivery service; not the Pentagon Dodecagon. Why all the security? Eh, who knows, but stop complaining. At least your job hasn’t been replaced by robots yet.

As you walk up to your touchscreen desk, you notice that you’ve received a email from your boss. He wants you to print out a memo and circulate hard copies around the office. You wonder if you’re the only one that thinks printing stuff out in 2039 is ridiculous. Some things never change: ridiculous data caps from your ISP, your daughter chastising you for sending the robot to pick up the grandkids, and apparently, printing out memos.

You can’t help but chuckle as you send the print job to the queue. You remember how badly printers used to suck. They always jammed, had network problems, printed slowly, had expensive ink cartr—WOAH! Print is done. That was fast.

It's not 2039. It's only 2016. But that doesn't mean that tech has to suck.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d bet that you don’t like your printer. You might even hate it. I’ve owned free inkjet printers, expensive color laser printers, the alleged crème de la crème of all-in-one printers, and while some are better than others, there is always something that I hate badly enough it ruins the entire experience for me. The last printer I owned burned me when I tried to print out a college essay—at 3AM—only to discover it wouldn’t print my black and white document because the magenta cartridge was out. Yes, Magenta. Ugh. Beyond that, I’m a small business owner and I need to print out legal documents, tax forms, and emails on a daily basis. Fiddling with the printer is not making a good use of my time and it fosters stress and frustration in the workplace; not cool.

PageWide Pro can upload and print from Google Drive.

HP, one of the leading printer manufacturers in the world, still believes in printers—not just that we’ll still need them in 2039—but that we don’t have to suffer trying to get the stupid things to work like they should. HP sent us their latest business printer to test out and I’m amazed. Not only do I not hate the HP PageWide Pro, but I actually like it. A lot. It’s blazing fast, has excellent graphics quality, reasonably priced ink, a browser-based local web server (which is freaking awesome, by the way), NFC, Wi-Fi, the list goes on forever but don’t fret! We’ll have a review on the PageWide Pro 477dw next week.

Whether you’re running your business out of a garage or if you have dozens of employees, HP has a whole line of new printers that are made for the modern workplace. We don’t have to wait another 30 years for good printers. We need to be more concerned with things like Carl the Robot’s creepy eyes and his desires to overthrow the universe; not our printers. HP is making that a possibility.

Sponsored post by HP; Title image: Hanging gardens of One Central Park, Sydney; CC BY

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