Rebuilding my First PC

About a year and a half ago, I ventured into uncharted waters: PC building. I had never owned a Windows PC before but I needed a simple Plex server to host and manage my family’s movies, TV shows, and music—both at home—and on the go.

The computer sat lonesomely in the attic without a monitor, mouse, or keyboard and I accessed it remotely using TeamViewer. A few weeks ago, I decided it didn’t make much sense to have a perfectly good computer not live up to its full potential; so I bought an AMD RX480, and intended to re-purpose the machine as a gaming rig.

Most games worked pretty well, but my 4.6GHz overclocked Intel Pentium G3258 was far past its comfort zone and bottlenecked in more recent games. I could have bought a higher-end last-gen CPU, but I figured I’d have fun rebuilding the machine as a 1080p Skylake gaming beast!

Build Your Own The dankest of all mini-ITX builds


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