$682 Skylake Mac Mini Hackintosh

Last month I built a custom PC. Despite being half the cost of my $4,000 Mac Pro, it more than doubled the performance in every single category. Since I’m no longer using the Pro to edit videos, it has become my light-task day-to-day machine; however, rather than keep a computer that I could sell on Craigslist for $2,500, I’ve decided to opt in for a (cheaper) Mac and sell the “Pro.” I already have a nice monitor so I didn’t want to buy a 5K iMac (not to mention that they’re also in the $2,500 price range), and I didn’t want a MacBook Pro because the fans get loud when the lid is closed. Not finding a computer that suited my needs, I decided to build one: the size of the Mac Mini, but much more powerful.

I had three objectives for this build:

  1. Run Mac OS X
  2. Compare in size to Apple’s Mac Mini
  3. Remain absolutely silent except for in unusually heavy-load conditions

These basic goals translated into a very simple and easy build that I was able to finish in less than a few hours.

Build Your Own It's surprisingly simple!



TonyMacX86 has long been the go-to website for Hackintosh builds, and moderator ammulder does not disappoint with one of the most comprehensive guides I’ve ever seen. I based my build off of his instructions (which he continues to update/maintain) and I experienced zero issues. If you’re going to build a Hackintosh, this is as easy as it gets. Guide is found here.

Editor’s Note: If you’re considering building a Hackintosh, you need to consider the possible consequences. Despite this being a “golden build” (everything works), that may not last forever. Major OS updates might cause instability issues or break hardware support altogether. That’s probably not likely since Hackintosh builds are more stable than eve; however, you can’t forget you’re running an OS on unsanctioned hardware. If you’re not willing to troubleshoot and tinker, this probably isn’t a project you should take on.

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