3D Printing a Handheld Retro Gaming Console!

This video is part of a new series that we’ll be conducting here at Snazzy Labs. Typically, we produce highly edited, well-scripted videos—and don’t worry—we’ll continue to make those; however, we also want to delve into less-formal videos about the projects we’re constantly conducting at the office. Sure, they’re pretty geeky, but they match the site’s content and audience well.

Today we take a look at PiGRRL 2. Raspberry Pi is not a stranger to most. The $35 computer can do wonders running various Linux kernels. RetroPie is a project that permits the Pi to run emulators from essentially every gaming console up until the PS1. That includes GameBoy, SNES, NES, TurboGrafx, SegaCD, and more! In the video above, I 3D print the case to build my own PiGRRL gaming console!

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